Kikimora Games is an indie studio from Stockholm, Sweden. We focus on making story-driven single player games where even the smallest interactions feel great. We are currently working on game jam scale projects while building a community and developing a larger project.

Adriano Orioli Tech

Adriano Orioli


Previously a Tech Lead at Virtual Brains (Goodbye Kansas Group), where he worked on and released multiple mobile titles.

Adriano is now devoting his keyboard to Kikimora Games, where he is in charge of creating all the bugs and the games between them.

Tomas Lundgren Design

Tomas Lundgren


Game designer, formerly Senior QA at Systemic Reaction (Avalanche Studios Group), QA at Fatshark (Vermintide 2) and freelance developer.

Tomas handles game and level design at Kikimora Games, striving to create interesting interactive experiences and injecting our creations with plenty of unfiltered imagination with a sprinkle of fresh weirdness on top.

Samuel Modig Art

Samuel Modig


Freelance pixel artist and former game reviewer with a passion for character design and animation.

Samuel is now in charge of pixel-pushing at Kikimora Games, helping bring our games to life and injecting his classic game aesthetic into everything we do.

Christopher Peduru-Aratchi Sound

Christopher Peduru-Aratchi


After working on multiple mobile titles as a Lead Sound Designer at Virtual Brains (Goodbye Kansas Group) Christopher is now running the sound ship for Kikimora Games.

With his heavy hitting drum ’n’ bass soundtracks, every game puts you at risk of breaking your neck.

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