Pest Apocalypse - Pizza Delivery Survival!

Roadkill your way through Pest Apocalypse: a horde survival game! Collect crazy crew members, upgrade your death-mobile and drive straight into the danger with a big smile on your face!

- Hordes of disgusting pests to slaughter!
- Customize your vehicle and assemble your crew!
- Jump, swerve and race around the shattered remains of our world!
- Deliver pizza while it's hot! 
- Quick runs for maximum enjoyment!
- Sweet 3D/2D pixel art graphics!

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Wizard's Way Out - A puzzle game about an underachieving Wizard who falls into a well.

Deep underground awaits a forgotten prison, and the only way out is to go through the slumbering guards.

With the help of a trusty Ratbug sidekick you must use your limited telekinetic knowledge to push and pull your way out of the darkness and return to the surface.

Originally released on, Wizard’s Way Out is now on Steam with more levels, more polish and more puzzle solving fun!

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Small, simple games released for free.

A street rat has died. As death takes over life, lead a multiplying army of microbes and decompose the body.


Entries in various Game Jams.

Ludum Dare 51 - Every 10 Seconds

Unsure of who you are and what your purpose is, you know but ONE thing. There is a place called Puppyland, and THAT is where you must go.